Being brought up as an Armenian Christian listening to our priest who once told me he did not like me…………………  Well thats another story.

I did not start using drugs until 1968.  I  wanted to try Marijuana and Hashish to provide answers about life etc.  From their, I dabbled in Acid and Mescaline.  After over two years,  I realized drugs alone could not give me the answers I was looking for. No doubt, some drugs were related to having a good time.  However,  it was the acid and mescaline that opened doors of perception.

I soon started searching for someone or something that would give me a clue to my existence.  I remember walking down a street, I believe in Greenwich Village, someone handed me a newspaper.  As I looked thr0ugh it, I came across a photo of Meher Baba with the caption “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” It went on to state there would be a meeting Friday evening.  That was October of 1970.

As soon as I arrived I had uncontrollable laughter as if I were home.  After the meeting concluded, I looked for a book to read and there it was God Speaks written by Meher Baba.  It answered all the questions I needed to know i.e., how creation started, evolution, reincarnation and the journey home.  From there I read the discourses also written by Meher Baba.

In those early days, I had out of body experiences seeing Meher Baba.  I remember hitchhiking to Myrtle Beach, SC visiting the center where he had been in the United States.  In 1974 and 1975 I went to India to visit Meher Baba’s Tomb where he was buried  January 31, 1969.

If not for Him, I would have had a difficult time understanding why all this turmoil is currently happening on our planet.  He also helped me not be a victim and ,that I,  as Robert Zakian attract both good and bad stuff on my journey of self discovery.  Yes, I can now state that I Love Meher Baba and know He is Truth.