When I separated from my previous wife in Seattle,WA I felt a strong desire to have a Native American sweat (similar to a sauna).  I started to visit the various metaphysical book stores asking if they knew anyone who could provide one.  Soon after they gave me a name of a Shaman ( Holy Man) whom I telephoned.

After meeting him, he told me we could go in the mountains where he has a Sweat Lodge already made.  I had to chop wood and build a fire and then put hot rocks into a pit.  Once it was completed I sat in silence.  Soon after a Crow showed up.  I asked the Crow “what are you here to teach me.” The Crow stated “I am here to turn your heart inside out.” That statement put me on a journey of self discovery.

When I lived near Green Lake in Seattle, Crows use to follow me on walks.  One day as I sat by the lake in meditation I asked a Crow a question.  A couple of things happened.  One Crow came swishing by my head but did to hit it.  Right after I saw two Crows relieving themselves on a  nearby branch.  After seeing the two Crows relieve themselves a woman who stopped from walking and asked “what did you do to get the Crows so upset?”     

I later asked the Shaman the meaning of  what transpired.  He stated, since the Crow did not hit my head, the answer I was looking for was close.  He went on to say  I should be mindful of the words I use describing the two Crows relieving themselves.  This related to words I use when communicating with others.    And, as far as the woman, I should  have answered her question, which would have given me insight to my  question.

I connected with Crow energy for around two years.  After my learning was complete I journeyed to other areas of learning.


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