Way back in time I read a book  called The language of feelings by Dr. David Viscott.  He named several  important feelings and the reason for them. Below are the feelings he listed.

Anxiety: The fear of being hurt or losing something.  Anxiety can be felt in the stomach, heart, or shoulders, etc.

Anger: Caused by loss or hurt. Anger can be felt in the head or neck.  As an example, my stepmother had migraines.

Worry: Wants, uncertainty change, possibility about things going wrong (this was stated by Meher Baba).

Guilt:  Anger turned inward

Unrelieved guilt or anger can turn to depression.

Our emotions or physical body can provide answers to what and how we feel.  From a spiritual point of view we must own what we feel.  No one has the power to make us feel a certain way.  It takes courage to begin the process of owning what one feels especially if it makes you uncomfortable.