There is so much to write and yet at the same time, very  little  to write.  Love is the key but how to get their?  How does it become a part of your everyday life?  One needs to build a foundation, to know you are Good.   To help you, write down all you know to be good about yourself.  It does not matter if  your mind tries to sabotage those feelings or thought.  Keep at it.   If you need to, pause and reflect on what you have done in your life that is good.   You were born good.  Goodness is the building blocks to love.

Many have had a mother, father, family member project their own negative stuff on to their child. It is that aspect that keeps one from moving forward.  You come from Spirit, God,  which is Love personified.  Yes, you may have bad karma  but that negative belief can still change when you believe in your goodness.

You are the story of your journey.  You can begin to change your story by shifting your belief system to goodness.  Negative is easier since it is familiar.  Yes its scary to make the shift, since negative beliefs are more familiar then positive beliefs.  Familiarity is safe. It takes courage to make the shift.  As you release the false belief it creates a shift in your feelings and thoughts.

Here is an NLP exercise that can give you a clue to your  past.  Use a family member.

  1. Ask what do I want from X that would satisfy me?
  2. What would that do that is really positive?
  3. And what would that do that is even more positive?
  4. And what would that do that is even more positive?

Take the answers as far as you can go.  This is a clue to what you need to give yourself. As a child, especially the first seven years, we take on what is projected upon us.  Again, a family member can project their own shadow or negativity on to others.  Its usually more prevalent within the family dynamic.

I hope this helps.  E-mail me if you need help.