Part of ones journey to self discovery could be having a relationship with a Spirit Guide.  A Guide could be a relative who past on, Native American, Spirit Animal, Angel, light being etc.

In 1991 I graduated from the Institute Of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  The institute taught its students how to connect with ones Higher Self.  The Higher Self has been with us for all our life times.  This part does not judge us and is wise.  The Higher Self is detached from our ups and downs.  

By learning how to connect with my Higher Self made it easy for me to  learn how to connect with my Personal Spirit Guide.  Since I was learning about the Native American culture, my first guide was a Crow.  I asked the Crow what am  I supposed to learn from you?   “I am here to turn your heart inside out.”

At a psychic fair in Montana an individuals Spirit Guide was in the form of an egg.  This guide had black shorts  with suspenders and on the top of a wall.  The guide would not fall to the ground.  When I asked what it was to teach her, the guide said balance.

My Personal Guides changed as my energy changed.  My many years with Guides have taught me that Guides are energetically close to our Earth Plane, hence easy to access.  In order to meet your Personal Spirit Guide it is important  to relax.  When a person is relaxed the mind is much less dominant.   There are mischievous Guides as well who do not have ones best interest in mind.  However, there are a few simple things to do to ensure that the mischievous ones do not interfere with ones Spirit Guide.  I have helped individuals for over twenty years attain their personal Spirit Guide as well as teaching Spirit Guide workshops.  Spirit Guides provide insight on how to achieve self-love and truth.