Often I get, like many of you,  a person e-mailing me saying I have won a great sum of money.  I use to write them back and tell that person because of their greed by taking advantage of the less fortunate, they will suffer.  Not only in their next life but will experience tremendous suffering upon death the hell state.

People who  take advantage of people will have to pay the consequences. There is no escape!!  Someone I know worked for a person in a loan business  when interest rates were very high. I believe the early eighties.  My friend stated he would  obtain no more then $150  finders by providing loan applications.

My friend went on  to say, the lender would not  take loans for a rental property and person would have to show they could pay a loan back.  The bank was set up in the Bahamas.  He went on to state “their were text messages to Mexico City and Hong Kong.”  All seemed quite legit.

When none of the loans went through he eventually quit.  While working a nine to five position a police officer came to his place employment and asked for his signature.  He soon found out his boss was arrested for scamming and in jail.    A few months later my friend was handcuffed from his place of employment and taken to jail believing he was somehow involved in this fraudulent activity.

He was able to get out the same day on bail.  My friend called a psychic who stated he was once a thief of Bagdad.  He realized he must have stolen from people in a past life and this was payback.

This is called Karma.  What you reap you get back, both good and bad.