There was a time in my life, living in Seattle, WA,  I would meditate and connect with  Spirit Guides.  There were many Guides but none were aliens. One evening as I sat in my chair, the same chair I use to meditate on, seven Aliens were standing against the wall.  Their skin was yellow and looked to be close to six feet tall. and they had what looked like a gray type jacket and pants.   At first I was scared and said  “if you are not here for my highest learning and growth, leave.  I also repeated Meher Baba’s name and they still remained.

Since they would not leave nor communicate with me, I decided to meditate and try to communicate with them.  I asked why they showed up.  They said,  we are  here to teach you toning.  Toning  is using sound to heal the physical body.  I bought several books on Toning and used it on some of my clients with mixed results.

On another occasion, while doing hypnosis on a client one the Aliens showed up but did not interrupt the process nor say anything.  That Alien left before I finished nor did I experience them ever again.  As I look back on this experience I believe they were  just to check me out and not necessarily to teach me  anything.

I had also encountered three nine foot Beings who showed up while providing a class on past life regression or Spirit Guides.  I remember getting chills up  my arm when they arrived.   They were from the Planet Venus. They had some kind of what seemed to look like scarfts or something akin to that.  They wore garments which were the color red.  Again these three Beings  were curious and wanted to check out what I was doing.  I did not think they were Aliens since they looked  like humans but of course they were not.

My personal feelings about aliens, they are of a different vibration and are close to our Earth’s vibration which makes it easier for them to enter into our field.  There are good Aliens, bad Aliens, and those who are neutral.

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