Together we assisted who most needs us.  Without exception they were all deeply shocked by their abrupt death, and apart from the pilot all were unable to come to terms with being so-called dead.

How can I be dead? One man wailed in a quavering tone.  I’m here, standing up, unhurt. How can I be dead?”  Not all  registered their shock in words. Two men sat side by side, staring at each other in stunned silence.

I will continue the story without excerpts from Michael J Roads book, Journey Into Oneness. Michael’s Guide asked him how are you going to let the people on the plane know they had died since they would not believe you. Each person, except for the pilot believed they had not died.  All nine were in a hospital.

To make a long story short.  Each person arrived at an etherial hospital.  Each survivor had  their room decorated the way they had envisioned it to be.  A hospital room is uniform, with same colors and look.  Michael pointed out how each room, unlike a hospital on the Earth was different, which got their attention.  This stirred their consciousness with  possibility tthey actually died.  Soon afterwards, Michael invited them to open a door where each would see a relative or friend who had passed.  Each person then without doubt excepted they had died from the plane crash.

I would encourage you all to purchase Journey Into Oneness by Michael J. Roads to obtain insight into karma and the  afterlife.



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