For many mental illness (schizophrenia) does not begin until the late teens.  Most experience it in the form of voices but it also can be visual or feelings as well a combination.  In my ten plus years of experience no one has ever had positive voices except one whose grandmother would communicate with him.  However this person had negative voices outside of his grandmother.

Many with mental illness have had difficult child hoods before  the onslaught of mental illness (m.i.).  Yes, many have low self esteem because of schizophrenia and their voices do not help.  Sometimes the voices are friendly in the beginning building trust  but eventually they play havoc with the individual.

When a person dies, they leave their physical body and enter the Astral World. The Astral World is inhabited by both good and bad souls.  The good individuals enter the heaven state and bad ones the hell state.  The hell state is closer to our physical world then the heaven states.  The negative individuals will look for opportunities to enter or manipulate ones with  m.i. The easiest way to explain this phenomena is an opening in the persons brain that allows these  Beings to enter.

The Astral Beings shift the persons sense of reality.  Yes, some medications help but for a person to move past their perception of self can take a very long time if at all.  A workers goal is to try to help people with m.i. to know they are more then their illness.  I  become hampered based upon the limited understanding  of how the lower Astral world works in society when confronting individuals who has m.i.