One day, in the early seventies, I picked up a Buddhist Book which stated many people will turn away when having eye contact. Sure enough I tried meeting people with  gentle eye contacts and  many turned their gaze away from mine.   As I continued reading it went on to say “eyes are the mirror of the soul.”  From that point on, I would  read peoples eyes as a reflection of who they are.

I remember watching Jerry Falwel , Televangelist who would speak about the gospel.  I looked at his eyes and did not see love.  He was all mental, absence of the heart quality.  Many can recite from the bible after studying many years and come across as someone who has insight into God and Jesus.  Aren’t they also suppose to have love in their hearts?  Some do but alas many do not.

I challenge you to make eye contact looking in a mirror.  What do  you notice, are you intense, mischievous, loving, angry, etc.