Two people get into an argument.  Both defend their position by proving themselves right.

Husband and wife get into a disagreement.  One becomes passive aggressive.

A person becomes upset with another person after being criticized

A person goes along with a group at work who share gay, religious and demeaning women jokes.

I worked in a corporate office where I listened to  the sales manager  tell off colored jokes to the salesmen   One day in meditation God told me to let the sales manager know I did not wish to partake.  At first, he did not say anything but two weeks later he communicated that he could not change the office dynamics on my behalf.

I soon asked myself why I did not say anything in the beginning.  I was not afraid of  being disliked, accepted or affirmed.  However, I knew I was going to quit one day and needed the sales manager to provide a good reference.

If a person needs to be accepted, liked or affirmed by others then that person is not healed.  If you become upset/angry, defend your position, become  part of negative behaviors and not say anything, you are not healed.  In other words become calm as a lake and as strong as a mighty river.