As a Transpersonal Intuitive, Robert  aligns with your energy offering personalized information on your journey towards self discovery.  He has that rare ability to guide and teach individuals on attaining self-love, truth, and  wisdom. He feels the heart and any self doubt that keep one from expressing their true self.

Robert has over 20 years’ experience as a Transpersonal Intuitive  utilizing both Eastern and Western Spiritual principles and techniques. Transpersonal Intuitive sessions are available in person and telephone.

Robert  also can connect with your Spirit Guide who can provide information on attaining your highest good, learning, and growth.

He has studied the teachings of a God Realized Master, Meher Baba, since 1970. Robert has also studied with two Spiritual Shamans since 1990. He has published articles on positive transformation and has appeared on both radio and television.

Robert has appeared on Psychic Northwest’s television series Seattle,  WA,  the Breakfast Club  and KJJR talk radio shows in Missoula, Montana.  He has also taught at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon,  Flathead Community College in Kalispell, Montana,  Shoreline Community College, and  Unity Church in Seattle, Washington and many private gatherings.