Published by Robert Zakian on 16 Jan 2018

What do you need to heal?

Two people get into an argument.  Both defend their position by proving themselves right.

Husband and wife get into a disagreement.  One becomes passive aggressive.

A person becomes upset with another person after being criticized

A person goes along with a group at work who share gay, religious and demeaning women jokes.

I worked in a corporate office where I listened to  the sales manager  tell off colored jokes to the salesmen   One day in meditation God told me to let the sales manager know I did not wish to partake.  At first, he did not say anything but two weeks later he communicated that he could not change the office dynamics on my behalf.

I soon asked myself why I did not say anything in the beginning.  I was not afraid of  being disliked, accepted or affirmed.  However, I knew I was going to quit one day and needed the sales manager to provide a good reference.

If a person needs to be accepted, liked or affirmed by others then that person is not healed.  If you become upset/angry, defend your position, become  part of negative behaviors and not say anything, you are not healed.  In other words become calm as a lake and as strong as a mighty river.


Published by Robert Zakian on 09 Nov 2017

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Perhaps you have seen a Meher Baba poster stating Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Don’t worry, what does that mean?   As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary worry is a state of anxiety and uncertainty  over actual or potential problems.  Worry could be never having love or support from a family member;  continued problems with money, relationships, work, etc.  When one worries, the belief is something will go wrong based upon past experiences.

Lets now look at the definition of happy (happy with) or satisfied with the quality or standard of:  When you are happy you trust yourself and life.  Even if something does not happen the way you thought it would, does not mean you did something wrong or there is something wrong with you.   When he or she  is no longer attached to an outcome worry dissolves.

Its not easy to get rid of worry, it takes courage and commitment but if you do………………:)

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Published by Robert Zakian on 23 Sep 2017


I begin with excerpts from Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves.

As a man thinks so is he true in essence, truer then our ideas can conceive.  By  man’s thoughts and inspirations he weaves for himself his future place.

Our Nazi patient is still the same; inert, motionless, shut up in the shell of himself.  Father Joseph tells me that the poor creature might be like this for what we would say on earth, many years.  He has already been held in dark bondage, the hell of his own making since the end of the last war, and that is over twenty years ago.  (I  am fast losing count of time as we knew it on earth.)  Things “happen” here souls or entities at all the lower stages of progress come and go; we either leave or  we stay, but we do not reckon these events intimate.

We live, or we exist according to the level of our thought-life; some are content to stay, thinking no doubt that this is the final stage.  Some souls settle down in one stage for years…..even centuries.  While others press in their former earth surroundings for ages.  Our Nazi then may lie like this long after many of the patients helpers and servers here have  graduated to the Higher Spheres.

As I remember the Nazi spent a multitude of time in darkness and pain for the atrocities he committed.  The woman whom he killed had to learn forgiveness.

From myself: There is no escape from karma.  We have to suffer or experience joy based on what we have done in our earthly life.  It is so important to first forgive yourself and then others who have done you wrong.  People who have a life of greed, power, hate will have to play back their journey which in itself causes tremendous amount of suffering.  This individual will continue to have a difficult life when they are reborn.  Truly there is no escape!

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Published by Robert Zakian on 17 Sep 2017

What’s Going On?

Everyday, it seems there are more environmental calamities, war with Isis, North Korea, politics, etc. People might be wondering why all this is happening.  They may blame God or it’s just how things are.

If people knew we had to go through these times in order for a “New Humanity” to unfold.  This could help, at the very least, an understanding.  God is not the doer of this chaos, humans are; it is part of the healing and journey.  How do you help the  process of making a positive shift?  Be kind to others as you would to a dear one.  Have the courage to let go of your fears and doubts.  Forgive yourself for not living up to your own or others expectations.  If you have done harm to someone physically or emotionally ask yourself what caused you to do so?

I have done many sessions and it is amazing how many people hold on to guilt.  Many have held on to this emotion for a very very long time.  I asked a client “what has it gotten you to hold on to guilt”?  People would answer by not knowing.  I would strongly suggest, “it’s time to let go.”  Forgiving yourself goes a long way to releasing feelings that no longer serve you.  When I ask my clients what forgiveness means, many do not know.  The answer is letting go. When you  let go, you can  heal.  When you  heal you help the planet heal.  You, me, the planet, and God are all one.  There is no separateness.

Yes,  it takes courage to let go.  When a person lets go there identity on a conscious or subconscious level changes.  Many individuals have identified themselves by their negative beliefs.  There is another component to this.  We attract situations that are both negative and positive.   If  harm is physically or emotionally  done to a person, the one who received the harm attracted it to themselves.  It is never one way!

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Published by Robert Zakian on 11 Sep 2017

Jesus in another light.

Excerpts from the book Avataric Advents written by Jim McGrew

There is one secret about Jesus which the Christians do not know.  When Jesus was crucified, he did not die; he entered the state of Nirvikalp Samadhi ( “I am God state without bodily consciousness”).  On the third day, he again became conscious of his body traveled  secretly in disguise eastward (with some of his apostles) to India.  This was called Jesus resurrection.

After reaching India, he traveled farther east to Rangoon in Burma where he remained for some  time.  He then went to Kashmir where he settled.  When his work was finished on earth, he dropped his body and entered Nirvikalp Samadhi permanently (I am God state)

In 1933  Meher Baba showed some western disciples a hill in Harvan, northeast of Srinagar Kashmir State, India and  told them:  There is the place where two of Crhist’s apostles, Bartholomew and Thaddeus buried his body; they had accompanied him from Palestine.

Is it possible that Jesus had to state he was the Son of God because humanity as a whole would not have accepted Jesus  had he said I am the Avatar, I am God in Human Form.   Something to ponder……….Robert


Published by Robert Zakian on 06 Sep 2017

Swami Satchidanada


Meaning of Swami means master;  striving for mastery over one’s smaller self and habit patterns, so that the eternal self within comes shining through.

In those early days I was living with several people at Stinson Beach, just north of San Francisco.  There  were two musicians or maybe three as well as my wife, at that time,  who was the lead singer.  It so happened after eating dinner I would take it upon myself to do dishes while the musicians would go practice.  I do not remember if the other women who had relationships with the men helped or how much they helped. However, I remember getting angry while the men and my wife practiced their art.

While still living in Stinson Beach, I  found out Swami Satchidanada was giving a talk at San Francisco University.  I decided to go and listen to him.  The first thing I remember when He walked into the auditorium was feeling such love emanating from him.  He had long  beautiful hair  with a twinkle in his eye.  He said, (I’m paraphrasing) “some people think that in order to be a guru one must have long hair and a beard.  The reason I have long hair is because I like it.”

And of course, He spoke of doing  dishes in a house with other people.  As I recall, Swami Satchidanada said the other people would leave the dishes and go to the movies.  He went on say, “I came to the realization I do the dishes or I go to the movies.  What a concept. 🙂

Seeing Swami Satchidanada and feeling such love helped me on  my journey of self discovery, mainly letting go.



Published by Robert Zakian on 28 Aug 2017

Spirit Guides

Part of ones journey to self discovery could be having a relationship with a Spirit Guide.  A Guide could be a relative who past on, Native American, Spirit Animal, Angel, light being etc.

In 1991 I graduated from the Institute Of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  The institute taught its students how to connect with ones Higher Self.  The Higher Self has been with us for all our life times.  This part does not judge us and is wise.  The Higher Self is detached from our ups and downs.  

By learning how to connect with my Higher Self made it easy for me to  learn how to connect with my Personal Spirit Guide.  Since I was learning about the Native American culture, my first guide was a Crow.  I asked the Crow what am  I supposed to learn from you?   “I am here to turn your heart inside out.”

At a psychic fair in Montana an individuals Spirit Guide was in the form of an egg.  This guide had black shorts  with suspenders and on the top of a wall.  The guide would not fall to the ground.  When I asked what it was to teach her, the guide said balance.

My Personal Guides changed as my energy changed.  My many years with Guides have taught me that Guides are energetically close to our Earth Plane, hence easy to access.  In order to meet your Personal Spirit Guide it is important  to relax.  When a person is relaxed the mind is much less dominant.   There are mischievous Guides as well who do not have ones best interest in mind.  However, there are a few simple things to do to ensure that the mischievous ones do not interfere with ones Spirit Guide.  I have helped individuals for over twenty years attain their personal Spirit Guide as well as teaching Spirit Guide workshops.  Spirit Guides provide insight on how to achieve self-love and truth.



Published by Robert Zakian on 25 Aug 2017


There is so much to write and yet at the same time, very  little  to write.  Love is the key but how to get their?  How does it become a part of your everyday life?  One needs to build a foundation, to know you are Good.   To help you, write down all you know to be good about yourself.  It does not matter if  your mind tries to sabotage those feelings or thought.  Keep at it.   If you need to, pause and reflect on what you have done in your life that is good.   You were born good.  Goodness is the building blocks to love.

Many have had a mother, father, family member project their own negative stuff on to their child. It is that aspect that keeps one from moving forward.  You come from Spirit, God,  which is Love personified.  Yes, you may have bad karma  but that negative belief can still change when you believe in your goodness.

You are the story of your journey.  You can begin to change your story by shifting your belief system to goodness.  Negative is easier since it is familiar.  Yes its scary to make the shift, since negative beliefs are more familiar then positive beliefs.  Familiarity is safe. It takes courage to make the shift.  As you release the false belief it creates a shift in your feelings and thoughts.

Here is an NLP exercise that can give you a clue to your  past.  Use a family member.

  1. Ask what do I want from X that would satisfy me?
  2. What would that do that is really positive?
  3. And what would that do that is even more positive?
  4. And what would that do that is even more positive?

Take the answers as far as you can go.  This is a clue to what you need to give yourself. As a child, especially the first seven years, we take on what is projected upon us.  Again, a family member can project their own shadow or negativity on to others.  Its usually more prevalent within the family dynamic.

I hope this helps.  E-mail me if you need help.





Published by Robert Zakian on 21 Aug 2017


Way back in time I read a book  called The language of feelings by Dr. David Viscott.  He named several  important feelings and the reason for them. Below are the feelings he listed.

Anxiety: The fear of being hurt or losing something.  Anxiety can be felt in the stomach, heart, or shoulders, etc.

Anger: Caused by loss or hurt. Anger can be felt in the head or neck.  As an example, my stepmother had migraines.

Worry: Wants, uncertainty change, possibility about things going wrong (this was stated by Meher Baba).

Guilt:  Anger turned inward

Unrelieved guilt or anger can turn to depression.

Our emotions or physical body can provide answers to what and how we feel.  From a spiritual point of view we must own what we feel.  No one has the power to make us feel a certain way.  It takes courage to begin the process of owning what one feels especially if it makes you uncomfortable.


Published by Robert Zakian on 20 Aug 2017

A short Crow story

When I left my apartment, I saw many Crows on a wire.  Soon after I heard a noise, a crow fell from the wire and died.  All the Crows, or seemed like all the Crows, started cawing.  A neighbor was about  to put it in the garbage.

I asked the neighbor not to so I could bury it.  He obliged by saying “cool.” As soon as I buried the Crow in the ground the other Crows stopped  cawing.  Crows are very smart, are interconnected with each other, and family oriented.


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