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Published by Robert Zakian on 23 Sep 2017


I begin with excerpts from Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves.

As a man thinks so is he istrue in essence, truer then our ideas can conceive.  By  man’s thoughts and inspirations he weaves for himself his future place.

Our Nazi patient is still the same; inert, motionless, shut up in the shell of himself.  Father Joseph tells me that the poor creature might be like this for what we would say on earth, many years.  He has already been held i the dark bondage of the hell of his own making since the endow the last war, and that is over twenty years ago.  (I  am fast losing count of time as we knew it on earth.)  Things “happen” here souls or entities at all the lower stages of progress come and go; we either leave or  we stay, but we do not reckon these events intimate.

We live, or we exists according to the level of our thought-life; some are content to stay, thinking no doubt that this is the final stage.  Some souls settle down in one stage for years…..even centuries.  While others press in their former earth surroundings for ages.Our Nazi then may lie like this long after many of the patients helpers and servers here have  graduated to the Higher Spheres.

As I remember the Nazi spent a multitude of time in darkness and pain for the atrocities he committed.  The woman whom he killed had to learn forgiveness.  As I wrote recently there is no escape from karma.  We have to suffer or experience joy based on what we have done in our earthly life.  It is so important to forgive first yourself and then others who have done you wrong.  People who have a life of greed, power, anger will have to play back their journey when they pass on and  take another life with suffering.  There is no escape!

Published by Robert Zakian on 17 Sep 2017

What’s Going On?

Everyday, it seems there are more environmental calamities, war with Isis, North Korea, Trump but that’s another story, etc.  People might be wondering why all this is happening.  They may blame God or it’s just how things are.  I had taken a class by a spiritual person who stated every two thousand years our planet goes from patriarchal to matriarchal.  He went on to say we are in the process of moving into a matriarchal time. In patriarchal times there is disharmony on our planet, greed, lust for power, wars are the mainstay.  In a matriarchal time there is harmony, humanity is ruled by the heart and oneness.

If people knew we had to go through these times in order for a “New Humanity” unfold.  This could help, at the very least, an understanding.  God is not the doer of this chaos, humans are; it is part of the healing and journey.  How you help the  process of making a positive shift.  Be kind to others as you would to a dear one.  Have the courage to let go of your fears and doubts.  Forgive yourself for not living up to your own expectations.  If you have done harm to someone physically or emotionally ask yourself what caused you to do so?

I have done many sessions and it is amazing how many people hold on to guilt.  Many have held on to this emotion for a very very long time.  I asked a client “what has it gotten you to hold on to guilt”?  People would answer by not knowing.  I would strongly suggest, “it’s time to let go.”  Forgiving yourself goes a long way to releasing feelings that no longer serve you.  When I ask my clients what forgiveness means, many do not know.  The answer is letting go. When you  let go, you can  heal.  When you  heal you help the planet heal.  You, me, the planet, and God are all one.  There is no separateness.

Yes,  it takes courage to let go.  When a person lets go there identity on a conscious or subconscious level changes.  Many individuals have identified themselves by their negative beliefs.  There is another component to this.  We attract situations that are both negative and positive.   If  harm is physically or emotionally  done to a person, the one who received the harm attracted to themselves.  It is never one way!

Published by Robert Zakian on 14 Sep 2017

Heaven or Hell, The Debit Credit Life

Often I get, like many of you,  a person e-mailing me saying I have won a great sum of money.  I use to write them back and tell that person because of their greed by taking advantage of the less fortunate, they will suffer.  Not only in their next life but will experience tremendous suffering upon death the hell state.

People who  take advantage of people will have to pay the consequences. There is no escape!!  Someone I know worked for a person in a loan business  when interest rates were very high. I believe the early eighties.  My friend stated he would  obtain no more then $150  finders by providing loan applications.

My friend went on  to say, the lender would not  take loans for a rental property and person would have to show they could pay a loan back.  The bank was set up in the Bahamas.  He went on to state “their were text messages to Mexico City and Hong Kong.”  All seemed quite legit.

When none of the loans went through he eventually quit.  While working a nine to five position a police officer came to his place employment and asked for his signature.  He soon found out his boss was arrested for scamming and in jail.    A few months later my friend was handcuffed from his place of employment and taken to jail believing he was somehow involved in this fraudulent activity.

He was able to get out the same day on bail.  My friend called a psychic who stated he was once a thief of Bagdad.  He realized he must have stolen from people in a past life and this was payback.

This is called Karma.  What you reap you get back, both good and bad.