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Published by Robert Zakian on 09 Nov 2017

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Perhaps you have seen a Meher Baba poster stating Don’t Worry Be Happy.  You possibly thought it was a cute saying or maybe some quote Meher Baba just thought of.  Last month  at a  monthly gathering we discussed the meaning behind those words.

Don’t worry, what does that mean?   As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary worry is a state of anxiety and uncertainty  over actual or potential problems.  Worry could be from never having love or support from a family member;  continued problems with money, relationships, work, etc.  When one worries, the belief is something will go wrong based upon past experiences.

Lets now look at the definition of happy (happy with) or satisfied with the quality or standard of:  When you are happy you trust yourself and life.  Even if something does not happen the way you thought it would, does not mean “you did something wrong or there is something wrong with you. “It was important to just  let go and not be attached to an outcome.  When a person  lets go, he or she  is not attached to an outcome, hence worry dissolves.  

I have been meditating on Meher Baba’s quote for a month now.  Worry is the mind, happy is the heart .  As I breath in I inwardly say to myself  “don’t worry and picture Meher Baba. On the out breath, I inwardly state be happy and picture Meher Baba in my heart.  For me this means Meher Baba is involved in the outcome of whatever I am concerned about.  Hence when I worry, I immediately let go of a result or worry.  It can be God, a Spirit Being. Angel, someone on a higher vibration.

Its not easy to get rid of worry, it takes courage and commitment but if you do………………:)

Published by Robert Zakian on 11 Sep 2017

Jesus in another light.

Excerpts from the book Avataric Advents written by Jim McGrew

There is one secret about Jesus which the Christians do not know.  When Jesus was crucified, he did not die; he entered the state of Nirvikalp Samadhi ( “I am God state without bodily consciousness”).  On the third day, he again became conscious of his body traveled  secretly in disguise eastward (with some of his apostles) to India.  This was called Jesus resurrection.

After reaching India, he traveled farther east to Rangoon in Burma where he remained for some  time.  He then went to Kashmir where he settled.  When his work was finished on earth, he dropped his body and entered Nirvikalp Samadhi permanently.

In 1933  Meher Baba showed some western disciples a hill in Harvan, northeast of Srinagar Kashmir State, India and  told them:  There is the place where two of Crhist’s apostles, Bartholomew and Thaddeus buried his body; they had accompanied him from Palestine.

Is it possible that Jesus had to state he was the Son of God because humanity as a whole would not have accepted Jesus  had he said I am the Avatar, I am God in Human Form.   Something to ponder……….Robert

Published by Robert Zakian on 30 Aug 2017


There are three things people want from others.  The need to be liked, accepted, and affirmed.  In the early 70’s I was  Head Counselor for boys eighteen and younger in a group home.  I was put in that position  without proper training simply because I was next in line.   When interviewing new hire,  I would ask what does love mean to you?  That person would be hired based upon the answer.

I was also somewhat new to following Meher Baba as my Master or God.  In fact, I purchased Don’t Worry Be Happy posters and gave each of the 18 boys one.  After returning from a weekend, I found all 18 posters on my door.  I later found out the administrator had hit one of the kids………………………..

Also, I was in need of control, and did not give ample latitude to my staff.  Eventually they all turned on me.  In the beginning I was liked but after six months or so I was disliked and not accepted. 

After leaving the position as Head Counselor I traveled to India to visit Meher Baba’s Tomb (he died January 31, 1969) and living disciples.  While there I  met a couple of Australians who shared a story about a recent typhoon.  Part of the dialogue had to do with toilets and such.  I over heard someone who must have been listening to our conversation state “all he knows is shit and piss.”  I was devastated by someone criticizing me.  I soon went to Meher Baba’s Tomb and asked why someone who did not know me, “put me down.”  After what seemed a long long time, Meher Baba internally answered  “I need to let go of praise and blame.”  Wow, what a concept.  From that moment on I learned to be detached from both.

So many people look outside themselves for the reflection of  who they are.  Yes, it is nice to be liked, accepted and affirmed but inevitably someone will come along and judge you.  Eventually each person must like, accept, and affirm themselves no matter how  viewed.  Until that happens that person will never be truly whole.  A hint, “your inner child holds a key.”


Published by Robert Zakian on 14 Aug 2017

The Journey to Meher Baba

Being brought up as an Armenian Christian listening to our priest who once told me he did not like me…………………  Well thats another story.

I did not start using drugs until 1968.  I  wanted to try Marijuana and Hashish to provide answers about life etc.  From their, I dabbled in Acid and Mescaline.  After over two years,  I realized drugs alone could not give me the answers I was looking for. No doubt, some drugs were related to having a good time.  However,  it was the acid and mescaline that opened doors of perception.

I soon started searching for someone or something that would give me a clue to my existence.  I remember walking down a street, I believe in Greenwich Village, someone handed me a newspaper.  As I looked thr0ugh it, I came across a photo of Meher Baba with the caption “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” It went on to state there would be a meeting Friday evening.  That was October of 1970.

As soon as I arrived I had uncontrollable laughter as if I were home.  After the meeting concluded, I looked for a book to read and there it was God Speaks written by Meher Baba.  It answered all the questions I needed to know i.e., how creation started, evolution, reincarnation and the journey home.  From there I read the discourses also written by Meher Baba.

In those early days, I had out of body experiences seeing Meher Baba.  I remember hitchhiking to Myrtle Beach, SC visiting the center where he had been in the United States.  In 1974 and 1975 I went to India to visit Meher Baba’s Tomb where he was buried  January 31, 1969.

If not for Him, I would have had a difficult time understanding why all this turmoil is currently happening on our planet.  He also helped me not be a victim and ,that I,  as Robert Zakian attract both good and bad stuff on my journey of self discovery.  Yes, I can now state that I Love Meher Baba and know He is Truth.

Published by Robert Zakian on 14 Jul 2014

Avatar Meher Baba

It  began October of 1970 when I picked up the Village Voice Newspaper in New York City and saw  His wonderful photo with the statement  “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”  I instantly connected with the photo and needed to check him out.  This led me to a group of people who shared Baba’s Love in a group setting every Friday evening.  As soon as I walked in  I knew I was home.

I needed to know someone  who had the answers regarding why I was born, suffering,  reincarnation, war, creation, etc.  The first book I read by Meher Baba was God Speaks which answered all my questions.  In those early days, I even had visions of Avatar (total manifestation of God in human form) Meher Baba which only solidified my belief He is God in human form,  the same as Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, …………  They are all one and the same God imparting different messages to humanity.  Another definition of Avatar, the conscious descent of God into the limited form of man.

Back to Meher Baba.  I started on the honey moon phase where I was given almost everything I asked for.  A wonderful girlfriend,  truth, love, and a deeper understanding of  humanity.   Meher Baba taught me to  do know harm to others, love your self as difficult as it may be, forgive yourself first before forgiving others.   He also taught me not to be a victim.  Everything, good or bad , I believe Baba set up.  Of course I played some part in this role.  On another note, it does not matter to me if you follow Meher Baba or not it is all part of the journey.

I have gone to India where I met His disciples (Baba called them his mandali) who shared their LOVE for Meher Baba with personal stories.   Their was no ego but just LOVE, I could feel it from them by just being in their presence.  My journey had taken me through  heartache, joy,  suffering both physical and emotional, as well as glimpses of freedom.  Yes, I said glimpses of freedom.  My sanskaras (imprints from past lives and current life) which keep coming up from time to time.  It is not easy to follow God or as many of his followers would state “Baba Lover:”   I am just happy I have gotten to know HIM, just a little, and to know HE LOVES me  without judgement.  Meher Baba said, “I have come not to teach but to awaken.”  Whew, getting rid of old worn  out dramas is not  an easy task but I would not have it any other way.

There was a time I wore a ring which was blessed by Meher Baba and had His photo  and hair inside.  One day through meditation, Baba told me “when people see my picture on your ring tell them the truth.”  I use to say, it is my father or something close to that.  So when I would, as an example, go through a check out stand, the cashier would ask is that a picture of your father?”  I would say no, that is my Lord and Master Meher Baba.  Wow, what looks I would get or that person just look away.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ring any longer.  Yep, that is another story.

Part of my journey, I learned to do psychic readings at various  fairs, groups, workshops, etc.  I use to see many Spirit Guides but not so much anymore.  Meher Baba said He is uplifting humanity  from intellect to intuition, maybe not in those exact words but you get my drift.  I no longer call myself a psychic but an Intuitive Reader.  Actually I do not do much of that anymore either.  However, when I do, it is to help people know their true essence by releasing the victim personality, understanding their lessen, and finding their heart.  Before I  ever do a reading on a person, I always surrender to Meher Baba so my ego does not get attached.