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Published by Robert Zakian on 14 May 2018


Metaphysical and Empowerment Fair – Saturday, July 21, Salem, OR

Transpersonal Intuitive Sessions – Monday, July 16th 4 to 8:30 PM, New Renaissance Bookstore NW23rd, Portland 503-224-4929

Yachats Psychic and Holistic Fair – Saturday, August4th and Sunday, August 5th 10 to 6 PM  Yachats,

H.O.M.E Center a Living New Thought Church and Metaphysical Wellness Center Psychic Fair, 3892 Lancaster NE, Salem, Sat. September 15th 10 to 5:30 PM

RaSani Psychic Fair, Albany, OR Saturday October 6th and Sunday October 7th 10  to 5:30 PM

Uncovering Your True-Self,  Saturday July 14th  11 to 1:30, Journeys A Center For Your Soul – 805 Liberty St. NE, Salem 503-991-5091

Meeting Your Personal Spirit Guide, Saturday Sept. 22 11 to 1:30, Journeys For Your Soul –  805 Liberty St. NE, Salem 503-991-5091

Journeys For Your Soul Psychic Fair, Sunday July 29th 805 Liberty Street NE, Salem

Meeting Your Personal Spirit Guide, Saturday Oct. 13th 6:30 to 8:30 PM New Renaissance Bookshop, NW 23rd, Portland  503-224-4929



Published by Robert Zakian on 09 Nov 2017

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Perhaps you have seen a Meher Baba poster stating Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Don’t worry, what does that mean?   As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary worry is a state of anxiety and uncertainty  over actual or potential problems.  Worry could be never having love or support from a family member;  continued problems with money, relationships, work, etc.  When one worries, the belief is something will go wrong based upon past experiences.

Lets now look at the definition of happy (happy with) or satisfied with the quality or standard of:  When you are happy you trust yourself and life.  Even if something does not happen the way you thought it would, does not mean you did something wrong or there is something wrong with you.   When he or she  is no longer attached to an outcome worry dissolves.

Its not easy to get rid of worry, it takes courage and commitment but if you do………………:)