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Published by Robert Zakian on 14 Jul 2014

Meher Baba

It all began October of 1970 when I picked up the Village Voice Newspaper in New York City and saw  His wonderful photo with the statement  “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”  I instantly connected with the photo and needed to check him out.  This led me to a group of people who shared Baba’s Love in Greenwich Village.  As soon as I walked in  I knew I was home.  I needed to know someone  who had the answers regarding why I was born, suffering,  reincarnation, war, God, etc.  The first book I read by Meher Baba was God Speaks which answered all my questions.  In those early days, I even had visions of  Meher Baba which only solidified my belief he was God in human form,  the same as Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, Ram, and Zarathustra.  They are all one and the same God but have different forms and messages to impart to humanity.  Another way to state this is, all are Avatars, the conscious descent of God into the limited form of man.  That in itself is another story.

Back to Meher Baba.  I started on the honey moon phase where I was given almost everything I asked for.  A wonderful girlfriend,  truth, love, and with a deeper understanding of  humanity.   All that is important , as far as I am concerned, do know harm to others, love your self as difficult as it may be, forgive yourself first before forgiving others.   Meher Baba taught me not to be a victim.  Everything, good or bad Baba set up.  Of course I played some part in this role.  On another note, it does not matter to me if you follow Meher Baba or not it is all part of the journey.

I have gone to India where I met His disciples (Baba called them his mandali) who shared their LOVE for Meher Baba with personal stories.   Their was no ego but just LOVE, I could feel it from them by just being in their presence.  My journey had taken me through  heartache, joy,  suffering both physical and emotional, as well as glimpses of freedom.  Yes, I said glimpses of freedom.  My sanskaras (imprints from past lives and current life) which keep coming up from time to time.  It is not easy to follow God or as many of his followers would state “Baba Lover:”   I am just happy I have gotten to know HIM, just a little, and to know HE LOVES me  without judgement.  Meher Baba said, “I have come not to teach but to awaken.”  Whew, getting rid of old worn  out dramas is not  an easy task but I would not have it any other way.

There was a time I wore a ring which was blessed by Meher Baba and had His photo inside.  One day through meditation, Baba told me “when people see my picture on your ring tell them the truth.”  I use to say, it is my father or something close to that.  So when I would, as an example, go through a check out stand, the cashier would ask who is that “a picture of your father?”  I would say no, that is my Lord and Master Meher Baba.  Wow, what looks I would get or that person just look away.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ring any longer.  Yep, that is another story as well.

Part of my journey, I learned and had to do psychic readings at various  fairs, groups, workshops, etc.  I use to see many Spirit Guides but not so much anymore.  Meher Baba said He is uplifting humanity  from intellect to intuition, maybe not in the exact words but you get my drift.  I no longer call myself a psychic but an Intuitive Reader.  Actually I do not do much of that anymore either.  However, when I do, it is to help people know their true essence by releasing the victim personality, understanding their lessen, and finding their heart.  Before I  ever do a reading on a person, I always surrender to Meher Baba so my ego does not get attached.

Over the last several months, I have learned to ask Meher Baba questions and I always get an answer.  My fear, what if I do not get the answer I was hoping for.  He in His compassion does not answer and leaves me to my own interpretation of the silence.  That helps me by not actually knowing ……………..For others it is different no doubt but it works for me.

Well, I am out of words for now but hopefully I will be inspired to write again.

Published by Robert Zakian on 15 Aug 2010

The Crow

In 1990 while living in Seattle I had a need to do a Native American Sweat.  I went to all the metaphysical bookstores to enquire if they knew of anyone who would be able to provide me the means to do so.  Soon after they provided me with a phone number to call a person by the name of Michael (caucasian) who was respected by the Native American’s in the Northwest.

After contacting him we made an appointment to go into the mountains where  he had provided sweats for individuals and groups in the past.  It was during the sweat or soon after I asked for my “Power Animal” ( to be  drawn into complete  harmony with the strength of that animals eessence) the one who would be my Spirit Guide.  As it turned out it was a Crow.

In meditation I asked the Crow what it was here to teach me and it stated, buy cialis sovaldi “I am here to turn your heart inside out.”  For the next two years I went through a transformation of the heart.  The Crow helped me to become more vulnerable, cialis decease be able to receive and not just give, check let go of control, and yes open my  heart to others and myself.  Gaining understanding from power animals is a healing process, and must be approached with humility and intuitiveness.

I remember a time when I was meditating in Green Lake, a park in Seattle, and I had asked the Crow a question.  I do not exactly remember the question but I do remember what happened afterwards.  As soon as I was done with my question a Crow zoomed past my head without actually touching it; right after I saw  two Crows relieving themselves and right after that a woman asked me, “what did  you do to upset the crows?”

Soon after I shared my experience with Michael who provided me with wonderful insight.  First he stated because the Crow did not actually touch me the answer was close but not forthcoming.  Second, I used a curse word to describe the two Crows relieving themselves and he stated the importance of how I use words and its impact on consciousness.  Thirdly , I should have answered the woman regarding the Crows because that dialogue would have  provided insight to my question.

Another  incident with Crows came about while in my  Seattle apartment when I  heard a loud bang.  Evidently a Crow go electrocuted while on a hot wire and died.  I then heard loud Crow cawing as the bird lay on the ground.  My neighbor was about to put it in the garbage as the cawing continued.  Seeing what the neighbor was about to do, I told him to stop. which he did.  I then  picked up the Crow with a shovel and buried it and as soon as I did that the cawing stopped.  The Crows shared with me how they are interconnected and to treat life with respect.

I have learned that Crows are very family oriented and will protect their young at all costs.  When someone gets close to their nest where young ones are being cared for, the Crows will immediately buzz a persons head to fend off the intruder.

I have since moved on and the Crow is no longer my Guide.  However, I believe the Crow came to me based upon  my past lifetime as Native American and needed to finish that imprint.  I will always cherish Crows for helping me turn my heart inside out.