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Published by Robert Zakian on 16 Jan 2018

What do you need heal?

Two people get into an argument.  Both defend their position by proving themselves right.

Husband and wife get into a disagreement.  One becomes passive aggressive.

A person becomes upset with another person after being criticized

A person goes along with a group at work who use gay, religious and demeaning women jokes.

I worked in a corporate office where the sales manager would tell off colored jokes to the salesmen which I also listened to.  One day in meditation God told me to let the sales manager know that I did not wish to partake.  At first, he did not say anything to me but two weeks later he communicated that he could not change the office dynamics because of me.

I soon asked myself why I did not say anything in the beginning.  I was not afraid of  being disliked, accepted or affirmed.  However, I knew I was going to quit one day and needed the sales manager to provide a good reference.

If a person needs to be accepted, liked or affirmed by others then that person is not healed.  Same if you become upset/angry, defend your position, become  part of negative behaviors and not say anything, then that is the part that needs to be healed in you.


Published by Robert Zakian on 24 Nov 2017

Meeting Of The Eyes

One day, in the early seventies, I picked up a Buddhist Book which stated many people will turn away when having eye contact. Sure enough I tried meeting people with  gentle eye contacts and  many turned their gaze away from mine.   As I continued reading it went on to say “eyes are the mirror of the soul.”  From that point on, I would  read peoples eyes as a reflection of who they are.

I remember watching Jerry Falwel , Televangelist who would speak about the gospel.  I looked at his eyes and did not see love.  He was all mental, absence of the heart quality.  Many can recite from the bible after studying many years and come across as someone who has insight into God and Jesus.  Aren’t they also suppose to have love in their hearts?  Some do but alas many do not.

I challenge you to make eye contact looking in a mirror.  What do  you notice, are you intense, mischievous, loving, angry, etc.

Published by Robert Zakian on 16 Nov 2017

Mental Illness and The Astral World

For many mental illness (schizophrenia) does not begin until the late teens.  Most experience it in the form of voices but it also can be visual or feelings as well a combination.  In my ten plus years of experience no one has ever had positive voices except one whose grandmother would communicate with him.  However this person had negative voices outside of his grandmother.

Many with mental illness have had difficult child hoods before  the onslaught of mental illness (m.i.).  Yes, many have low self esteem because of schizophrenia and their voices do not help.  Sometimes the voices are friendly in the beginning building trust  but eventually they play havoc with the individual.

When a person dies, they leave their physical body and enter the Astral World. The Astral World is inhabited by both good and bad souls.  The good individuals enter the heaven state and bad ones the hell state.  The hell state is closer to our physical world then the heaven states.  The negative individuals will look for opportunities to enter or manipulate ones with  m.i. The easiest way to explain this phenomena is an opening in the persons brain that allows these  Beings to enter.

The Astral Beings shift the persons sense of reality.  Yes, some medications help but for a person to move past their perception of self can take a very long time if at all.  A workers goal is to try to help people with m.i. to know they are more then their illness.  I  become hampered based upon the limited understanding  of how the lower Astral world works in society when confronting individuals who has m.i.


Published by Robert Zakian on 09 Nov 2017

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Perhaps you have seen a Meher Baba poster stating Don’t Worry Be Happy.  You possibly thought it was a cute saying or maybe some quote Meher Baba just thought of.  Last month  at a  monthly gathering we discussed the meaning behind those words.

Don’t worry, what does that mean?   As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary worry is a state of anxiety and uncertainty  over actual or potential problems.  Worry could be from never having love or support from a family member;  continued problems with money, relationships, work, etc.  When one worries, the belief is something will go wrong based upon past experiences.

Lets now look at the definition of happy (happy with) or satisfied with the quality or standard of:  When you are happy you trust yourself and life.  Even if something does not happen the way you thought it would, does not mean “you did something wrong or there is something wrong with you. “It was important to just  let go and not be attached to an outcome.  When a person  lets go, he or she  is not attached to an outcome, hence worry dissolves.  

I have been meditating on Meher Baba’s quote for a month now.  Worry is the mind, happy is the heart .  As I breath in I inwardly say to myself  “don’t worry and picture Meher Baba. On the out breath, I inwardly state be happy and picture Meher Baba in my heart.  For me this means Meher Baba is involved in the outcome of whatever I am concerned about.  Hence when I worry, I immediately let go of a result or worry.  It can be God, a Spirit Being. Angel, someone on a higher vibration.

Its not easy to get rid of worry, it takes courage and commitment but if you do………………:)

Published by Robert Zakian on 31 Oct 2017

Honesty The Best Policy?

There were two close  friends who had known each other for a long time.  One friend we’ll name Mary and the other Jo.  Mary was going to a party and purchased a new outfit for the  occasion.

At Mary’s apartment, she asked Jo if  she would like to see the new outfit  purchased for the party? Jo replied yes.  Mary came out of her bedroom very happy looking forward to Jo’s comments.

Mary asked then Jo what she thought.  Jo being  honest stated she did not like the outfit and reasons why.   After hearing Jo’s comment  Mary became agitated  taking Jo’s honesty as  criticism.  Mary was hurt by Jo’s statement.

What scenarios could have contributed to Mary being hurt?   JO was just being honest?  I look forward to your answers. 🙂

Published by Robert Zakian on 26 Oct 2017

The airplane experience, continued

Together we assisted who most needs us.  Without exception they were all deeply shocked by their abrupt death, and apart from the pilot all were unable to come to terms with being so-called dead.

How can I be dead? One man wailed in a quavering tone.  I’m here, standing up, unhurt. How can I be dead?”  Not all  registered their shock in words. Two men sat side by side, staring at each other in stunned silence.

I will continue the story without excerpts from Michael J Roads book, Journey Into Oneness. Michael’s Guide asked him how are you going to let the people on the plane know they had died since they would not believe you. Each person, except for the pilot believed they had not died.  All nine were in a hospital.

To make a long story short.  Each person arrived at an etherial hospital.  Each survivor had  their room decorated the way they had envisioned it to be.  A hospital room is uniform, with same colors and look.  Michael pointed out how each room, unlike a hospital on the Earth was different, which got their attention.  This stirred their consciousness with  possibility tthey actually died.  Soon afterwards, Michael invited them to open a door where each would see a relative or friend who had passed.  Each person then without doubt excepted they had died from the plane crash.

I would encourage you all to purchase Journey Into Oneness by Michael J. Roads to obtain insight into karma and the  afterlife.



Published by Robert Zakian on 20 Oct 2017

Journey Into Oneness, by Michael J Roads

The Airplane Experience

This is an excerpt from when Michael  J. Roads  asking his guide about life after death.

……..with no warning I was in a light aircraft (Michael).  I felt as though I were physical, for I had my own seat, and the engine noise and vibration were as large as life.  When I pinched myself, I was shocked that I could feel it.  Despite this I could feel a degree of calm and clarity and perception that transcended my normal physical reality.

The engine cut out.  I heard the pilots voice  over the intercom, but his words were drowned by the pounding of my own heart.  When following a muffled explosion, a large piece of metal tore away from the front of the aircraft to dance across the outside of my window.

People screamed and I smelled the offensive stink of fresh vomit.  With the other passengers, I followed the well established drill of getting my head down.  The scream of a dying aircraft drowned all other sound as it hurtled toward the earth, tearing at my eardrums.

This is it! Nobody would survive,  One moment the scream of tortured metal filled all dimensions of space and sound; then came  the most profound and absolute silence.   Everybody on the plane had made a transition from physical life – to what?  Without exception, they were  all deeply shocked by their abrupt death, and apart from the pilot all were unable to come with so called death.

In my own words………..The people had difficulty believing they had died.  It was up to Michael J. Roads to help them in their transition.

Published by Robert Zakian on 14 Oct 2017

The Aliens

There was a time in my life, living in Seattle, WA,  I would meditate and connect with  Spirit Guides.  There were many Guides but none were aliens. One evening as I sat in my chair, the same chair I use to meditate on, seven Aliens were standing against the wall.  Their skin was yellow and looked to be close to six feet tall. and they had what looked like a gray type jacket and pants.   At first I was scared and said  “if you are not here for my highest learning and growth, leave.  I also repeated Meher Baba’s name and they still remained.

Since they would not leave nor communicate with me, I decided to meditate and try to communicate with them.  I asked why they showed up.  They said,  we are  here to teach you toning.  Toning  is using sound to heal the physical body.  I bought several books on Toning and used it on some of my clients with mixed results.

On another occasion, while doing hypnosis on a client one the Aliens showed up but did not interrupt the process nor say anything.  That Alien left before I finished nor did I experience them ever again.  As I look back on this experience I believe they were  just to check me out and not necessarily to teach me  anything.

I had also encountered three nine foot Beings who showed up while providing a class on past life regression or Spirit Guides.  I remember getting chills up  my arm when they arrived.   They were from the Planet Venus. They had some kind of what seemed to look like scarfts or something akin to that.  They wore garments which were the color red.  Again these three Beings  were curious and wanted to check out what I was doing.  I did not think they were Aliens since they looked  like humans but of course they were not.

My personal feelings about aliens, they are of a different vibration and are close to our Earth’s vibration which makes it easier for them to enter into our field.  There are good Aliens, bad Aliens, and those who are neutral.

Published by Robert Zakian on 05 Oct 2017


This is not an easy one for people to let go of since they come in many disguises.  Wants and needs are at the top of the list.  People want to be liked, accepted, or affirmed.  Yes, we all want those things but what happens when we are not liked, accepted, or affirmed?  It could bring up all sorts of emotions.

Here are two personal examples.  In 1974 I was  Head Counselor for a boys home 18 years old or younger.  I hired counselors based upon Love. Well I was a newbe to this field and feeling good about myself. I had a lot of praise from the counselors but after six months they turned on me. I had a need to control situations and did not trust my peers.  Hence, I was  soon not accepted, liked or affirmed.  Yes, I was devastated.  It so happened, right after being the counselor turned on me,  I had a flight to India to visit Meher Baba’s Samadhi (tomb) where he was buried in 1969.

I remember talking to a couple of Australians  while in India, who were also followers of Meher Baba about a typhoon.  A couple of people over heard our conversation and said, I believe referring to me, “all he knows is shit and piss.”  Well I was devastated. I went into Meher Baba’s Samadhi  and inwardly stated, I am not leaving until you tell me what is going on.  After, what I thought was a very long time the answer came.  You need to let go of praise and blame.  Praise was easy but blame not so much.

When I moved to MT from Seattle, I started  a men’s group.   I use to not take things too serious as the other men did.  One of the men told me, that the other men had a hard time accepting me. Some time after,  my wife and I had gone  to eat at a neighborhood restaurant where one of the men who had criticized me was also present.  A friend said “why don’t I say hello.”  Well, I could not.  I was still hurt because of him not  accepting me.

I finally asked myself why I was feeling hurt?  I came to the realization I did not hurt anyone by playing by not being serious as the other men.  And, since I did not hurt anyone, I  forgave myself for acting out. I also realized it was my “inner child” that was the one playing.  The inner child is a part of our personality.  After forgiving myself (letting go) I was able to have conversation with the person who did not care for me.

From that time on, I learned to be more perceptive of my actions and not have my inner child take over.  When you are feeling hurt by someones criticism ask yourself if it’s really justified.  If truly not your fault and still hurt, forgive yourself for those bummer feelings.  Recap the situation without getting too involved  in emotions and once again see, feel, hear, if there is any merit to what transpired.

Published by Robert Zakian on 23 Sep 2017


I begin with excerpts from Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves.

As a man thinks so is he istrue in essence, truer then our ideas can conceive.  By  man’s thoughts and inspirations he weaves for himself his future place.

Our Nazi patient is still the same; inert, motionless, shut up in the shell of himself.  Father Joseph tells me that the poor creature might be like this for what we would say on earth, many years.  He has already been held i the dark bondage of the hell of his own making since the endow the last war, and that is over twenty years ago.  (I  am fast losing count of time as we knew it on earth.)  Things “happen” here souls or entities at all the lower stages of progress come and go; we either leave or  we stay, but we do not reckon these events intimate.

We live, or we exists according to the level of our thought-life; some are content to stay, thinking no doubt that this is the final stage.  Some souls settle down in one stage for years…..even centuries.  While others press in their former earth surroundings for ages.Our Nazi then may lie like this long after many of the patients helpers and servers here have  graduated to the Higher Spheres.

As I remember the Nazi spent a multitude of time in darkness and pain for the atrocities he committed.  The woman whom he killed had to learn forgiveness.  As I wrote recently there is no escape from karma.  We have to suffer or experience joy based on what we have done in our earthly life.  It is so important to forgive first yourself and then others who have done you wrong.  People who have a life of greed, power, anger will have to play back their journey when they pass on and  take another life with suffering.  There is no escape!

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