What Others say…

“Robert Zakian has the unique gift of teaching people to align with their spiritual self.”
Nadine R., Seattle, WA

“I feel more spiritually motivated and confident that I can continue through life with a much more peaceful and healthier attitude.  I very much appreciate the help Robert has given me.”
Chery O., Salmon, ID

“Robert has a knack for receptive intuitive insight into the interior psyche of his clients. He is able to clearly articulate the tone and tenor of hidden issues. He is a resource that I have learned to completely trust.
Lance B., Lafayette, CA

A session  with Robert is uplifting and insightful, while releasing core issues.  His ability to bring in soul information and guidance flows easily into an understanding of why we are experiencing  areas of difficulty, along with a practical plan of action.

You are amazing! Great benefit to me.  The best direction I have ever gone in a long time.

Neilla S., Portland, OR