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Hello everyone, I would like to share a short story about surrender and its importance as we move through this travail.I needed to hitch hike from San Francisco, CA  to Meher Baba's Ashram in Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer of 73. The reason for hitch...

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Yikes! What’s Happening?

Yikes! What's Happening With COVID-19?  If you are like me, every time I hear the news, Facebook, and other media outlets someone has  something  to say about COVID-19, where it started, China as a culprit, Bill Gates, Trump, and it goes on and on.  What are you...

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Resolving Conflict With Another Soul

Resolving Conflict With Another Soul  Whenever you are upset with your partner, friend, or family member its often not the real issue For example, If your partner or friend does not communicate, listen, is often late, etc, you may feel he or she does not respect...

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Understanding and Healing Anger

Understanding and Healing Anger  When someone experiences anxiety it is always caused by the fear of being hurt or losing something.  When a person actually is hurt or experiences a loss (not associated with death of a loved one)  that person will ultimately...

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Worry And Anxiety: Part 2

Worry and Anxiety: Part 2  I thought  it best to send this again because of the tumultuous times we are now in.  It is truly important to have an understanding of the causes of worry, anxiety, and anger and what if any part you may play. For many there is...

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