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It’s Time

Hi We are in the midst of greed, fear, disharmony, and environmental upheaval.  Many are holding onto various aspects of emotional suffering brought on by life's lessons. To release suffering, you must know you are a good person; once you believe this to be true,...

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18,000 Plaanets

Hi I am sharing an excerpt from a book shared by, my companion, Meher Baba having to do with other worlds and human evolution. There are innumerable universes of millions and millions of planets in the universe. There are some universes where all seven stages of...

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It isn't easy to trust if one needs to control life's situations. Control protects the heart, especially in close relationships; a person will subconsciously feel, "I let you into my heart only when I feel safe you won't hurt me." One cannot let go of this need until...

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The Shaman

Hi   A Shaman of the Native American tradition told me a personal story I feel is pertinent today. After flying many missions in Vietnam, he was given a two-week leave to Australia.  Once there, he developed a friendship with a woman who soon introduced him to...

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Light Of Heart

Light of heart is different than humor.  Humor is the quality of being amusing, making others laugh, fun to be around. Humor, for most, is an incarnated emotion not necessarily developed.  Being light of heart is developed over time. It has to do with not taking world...

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