Hello everyone,

I would like to share a short story about surrender and its importance as we move through this travail.I needed to hitch hike from San Francisco, CA  to Meher Baba’s Ashram in Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer of 73. The reason for hitch hiking provided an opportunity to show Meher Baba and myself the importance of my relationship with him.   I was inwardly told old by Meher Baba to not sleep for twenty-four hours.  I did not question what I was told, it felt like an order.
No difficulties hitch hiking outside or falling asleep when time and circumstances allowed me to do so.   I arrived at my destination without incident.  After two weeks, I needed to hitch hike back to San Francisco from Myrtle Beach.   Again, I was told  inwardly not to fall  sleep for twenty-four hours.  I recall being outside of Winslow, AZ feeling very tired and cranky after not sleeping that night.  Later that morning  a car stopprd to pick me up, as soon as I ran towards the vehicle they drove off.  I was also being stared at with some ridicule.  It was getting hotter as the morning moved along.

Some time later, a car pulled up and asked where I was going.  The driver stated, “I will drive you to Kingmen, AZ for five dollars.  I was about to give him the $5 but changed my mind.  Within a few minutes,, with my back to the highway, I stated to Meher Baba, “I don’t know why your doing this  but I want  you to know I love you anyway.”  Right after that statement, I turned back to the road, a driver in a VW Beetle drove up and asked me where I was headed.  I told him San Francisco, he drove me right to my doorstep. 😊

I learned a lesson in surrendering no matter how difficult things might be.  To tell you the truth, surrender has been a difficult journey.  Anything, I’ve held on to, has been taken away.  I could write a whole list of things that I have been attached to which eventually was whisked away. 
Some may ask, what this has to do with the current state of affairs? There is COVID19, politics, unemployment, Black Life Matters, etc.   Meher Baba told me it is going to get worse.  Surrender is letting go of the affairs of the world and humanities difficulties.   Do not become emotionally involved.  I had mentioned in a previous email become detached without indifference.   It is important, from a spiritual level, to know all this is happening  because God/Source has deemed it necessary to heal our planet and its inhabitants.

That being said, one must trust there is a reason why our planet is experiencing an upheaval.  Truth be said, “every soul chose to be here and become part of what is happening.”   If you are attached to an outcome and have a difficult time of surrendering, simply ask the reason.  If one goes deep enough, perhaps they will learn to let go.   Those who are caught up in the violence, hate will pay when they die and have karma to deal with upon their return.  Even those who are attached to doing good, will also have to continue learning in this life or the next on letting go. 
Surrender to God/Source is freedom from attachments.  Meher Baba  said “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”  When an individual stops worrying they naturally will  be happier.   God/Source is more then the illusion of good and bad.  I have learned true freedom is not being caught up in outcomes and the struggles of humanity.  The heart ❤️ will expand like a beautiful flower and its fragrance will shift those who are hurting.  




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