We are now close to elections of good, bad, and indifferent as well as the continued fires, protests, and so on.  It seems most are caught up in the drama of life with all its ups and downs.  Many lost homes in the fires, there are angry rallies, and of course, our soon not to be forgotten COVID-19.   Could all this not be real?   Is it simply illusion as the great mystics would affirm.  

Those who have lost dear ones to the virus or homes to the fires may feel this is all too real. After the pain and anger subside, they have an opportunity to uncover a deeper reality by asking “what am I suppose learn in spite of hardships?” There is much to say about Black Life Matters.  Yes, it finally matters to eradicate past misdeeds.  However, this is for all races and cultures of the past.  From a spiritual perspective, if one needs to March for past injustices, it should be done without anger.  In anger there will be no healing. 

Seekers on the spirit train may have already learned not to be attached to all these happenings.  They know from experience and reason life in the three dimensional world is fleeting.  So again, those who have courage or are becoming spiritually awake need to ask “what am I suppose to let go of?”   For those who continue to question the answer will lead to truth and love.  

One can start by reading books on the Masters who are One with God.  Begin to start letting go of whatever you are holding onto through forgiveness (letting go).  As one continues to go within, knowingness and clarity will become prominent.  And, as he or she continues on this wondrous journey, one’s heart becomes more into play.  People will begin to know God’s abode is love and truth. 

Lovingly, ❤️