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Yikes, ūüôĀ Anger

I had shared worry being experienced in relation to the future based upon believing something you want or need will not come to fruition.  Anxiety is created by the fear of being hurt of losing something.  And, when an individual experiences a hurt or loss anger will...

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Got Anxiousness

Hi {!firstname_fix} There was a woman who was single with two kids.  When COVID19 hit, she was told she might lose her job.  Not knowing what might happen with her employment, she began to feel anxious.  Another person knew his mother was in intensive care and was...

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Hmm, Don’t Worry Be Happy

Hi {!firstname_fix} It is possible to not worry and be happy.   If I can let go of worry so can you.  All that is truly needed is to trust and surrender to God.  So, whatever life throws at he or she simply surrender to God.  By doing so, no longer is the energy of...

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For most people they worry about something i.e., money, work, health, family, etc.  Worry is experienced in relation to the future.  When the future is expected to be disagreeable in some way.  In this case worry seeks to justify itself as a necessary part of...

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Such Is Truth

Hello everyone, The amount of letting go will determine how much worry, anxiety, and loneliness one will have.  So, if you are hanging onto something ask yourself the reason, i.e., I am not enough, I'm unhappy, it doesn't matter, etc. A great quote was given to me....

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