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Hmm, Don’t Worry Be Happy

Hi {!firstname_fix} It is possible to not worry and be happy.   If I can let go of worry so can you.  All that is truly needed is to trust and surrender to God.  So, whatever life throws at he or she simply surrender to God.  By doing so, no longer is the energy of...

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For most people they worry about something i.e., money, work, health, family, etc.  Worry is experienced in relation to the future.  When the future is expected to be disagreeable in some way.  In this case worry seeks to justify itself as a necessary part of...

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Such Is Truth

Hello everyone, The amount of letting go will determine how much worry, anxiety, and loneliness one will have.  So, if you are hanging onto something ask yourself the reason, i.e., I am not enough, I'm unhappy, it doesn't matter, etc. A great quote was given to me....

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So Easy

Hello When I was a young boy my father would often call me stupid.  When I did something akin to a simple mistake I would  also call myself stupid even as an adult.  Once I learned it was not true, I would simply negate that thought or feeling immediately or soon...

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This I Believe

My Spiritual Companion Meher Baba of India often stated, "don't worry be happy."  I once thought how can people become happy when negative patterns are ingrained from the early years?  I eventually learned in order to be happy, without worry, the inner child holds the...

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