Resolving Conflict With Another Soul


Whenever you are upset with your partner, friend, or family member its often not the real issue

For example, If your partner or friend does not communicate, listen, is often late, etc, you may feel he or she does not respect or care about you. If you feel your partner or friend does not care, then it would be difficult to trust that individual and share your inner most feelings or thoughts.


Develop the courage to look inside and experience what you feel

When an individual is upset by someone’s action or words, that person becomes either defensive, angry, silent, or withdrawn. The underlying emotion to those responses is hurt. It can be difficult to express that truth due to a past trigger. A trigger emotes an issue from the past that is unresolved. For example, if you communicate something important to your partner, and you receive no reply because he/she is preoccupied, that may trigger a past experience when your parents did not respond to your emotional needs.


Take responsibility for your own experience

Ask yourself why you attracted that particular situation; what am I suppose to learn? Did you feel invalidated, disrespected, not loved? Again, if you take what is being said personally from your partner or friend, that may be an indication of a past experience that needs healing. Do not try to change, control, or blame your partner. By doing so negates you having any responsibility for your actions.


Develop commitment and the will to become empowered

A conscious relationship takes commitment from both partners in order to help each other dissolve on-going patterns of emotional fear. Uncovering past hurts will provide clues to your present emotional situation. By using forgiveness, (letting go of blame towards oneself or another) will greatly improve your ability to resolve issues and enhance communication.



You have an opportunity to explore unconditionally in any situation where there is a strong charge between yourself and another. By being neutral will provide the aptitude for unlimited healing; this will strengthen both trust and growth in the relationship.