There once was a dragon named Sugar And Spice who ruled the women of the village for centuries.  The women had to give to others first before themselves.  It did not matter to the dragon if the women were tired or ill.   If they did not do what was ordered, the women would have to face the dragon who would then decide their fate.  In the village there lived an excellent female archer who constantly won top honors for her skills.  This champion had enough of always giving to others thus forgoing  her own needs first.  She thought, “I have to challenge Sugar And Spice so I no longer have to give to others first!😡

She decided to challenge the dragon to a duel, not caring if she lost.  She felt giving to others first at the cost of her own self was worse than death.  They met on top of the hill, and before any words were past, she quickly shot the bow and arrow and hit Sugar And Spice between the eyes.  The dragon died immediately. 😊

The moral of the story, it is time for women to no longer become care takers of others at the expense of their own physical and emotional needs.  Much of this is based upon a girl’s upbringing or simply a part of their genes.I had a client who was tired of giving to others, neglecting her own needs.  She like many others felt it was selfish for not “being their” for others thus forgoing their own requirements.

It is so important for caregivers to be cognizant of their feelings when on overload.  That is the beginning.  Some feel they are selfish if they come first.  I often will tell a client, “you have a wonderful heart and you will always be there to help others.”  That being said, “the help must come after she nurtures and takes care of her needs first.” Even if one tells a friend she can no longer always be there for them and the friend does not care or listen that person is not a friend. 

It would be good to have dialogue with ones Higher Self or Spirit Guide to help them break the mold of caretaker thus having a better understanding of the need to give.  Some women live for others because they do not have a purpose or they do not know their gifts.  Once a woman knows her purpose/gifts the need to be a caregiver will shift.  You can see in the news how women are beginning to stand up and be heard in every facet of life.  We need more feminine energy to shift from patriarchal dominance to the more balanced matriarchal energy.  

*I need to preface the above statement, some women have more male energy than female and some men have more female energy than male.  This has nothing  to do with sexual or physical preferences. The Dragon, Sugar And Spice came from the rhyme sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what little girls are made of. 😳
Lovingly, ❤️