The Difference Between Men and Women in Relationships 

I hope you enjoy the insights on how men and women (masculine and feminine energies) relate. Some may provide new understandings or perhaps a refresher on our different styles of relating.

As an example, after a long day at work, she states, “I want to go out for dinner.” He replies, “why we went out last night” and that starts the argument. This is one of the main reasons why couples get into fights and yes there is a difference in how the sexes interact and relate. Maybe she just wanted to spend quality time together. 

I remember a time living in Montana where I would hike in the backwoods daily. My wife would always ask how my walk was and I would simply state it was good. Well, after many hikes with the same response, I finally understood why she would ask me the same question. She wanted me to share something about my hike. Did I see a deer, flowers, any feelings or thoughts, etc? By me sharing created intimacy. As a guy, I never gave any thought to what I saw or felt. The goal was simply to get to my destination and return home. Perhaps, you know someone who was like me? 

There are many other areas, not just how we communicate, that can make men and women different. As an example, one partner is very neat and the other not as much; one must clean the dishes after eating right away rather than wait until later. When you are stressed or anxious, does your partner become busy or become silent?

When communicating, men are generally more direct and women indirect. From a male’s perspective, it can drive him crazy. He may get upset and state, “why can’t you say what you mean without having to go around the bush?” From a women’s perspective, she was stating what she was feeling. Hmm, there may be a difference. A good number of men take on the role of protector and many women take on the role of caretaker. Women as a whole like to share their feelings with another woman. Men will often do it alone because it is difficult to share what they feel. It is easier to share what they think. When you see a man and a woman together in a car, who is the one driving? Yep, you got it, mostly men. Could it be related to control?

Many men when asked how they feel are not able to state what they feel right away. For us guys, we need to go into our “cave” to think about what we are feeling and then state what it is. Women need to learn patience until the masculine energy can state their feelings. It is stated women will go into their well when it comes to feelings or emotions. For most, they can state what they feel right away.

Usually, in the honeymoon period (dating or married for a year or so) the opposites connect quite well. Soon one’s way of communicating begins to materialize. If there is love, the hurdles can be overcome. Men and women in relationships must LISTEN to each other without interruption.

Some may ask how can we become aware of the opposite energy? First, become aware of how you communicate. Do you become annoyed when communication is different than yours? Do you have patience with the other person, interrupt, become annoyed and defensive? As I have mentioned in the past writings there are no accidents, we draw persons and situations to ourselves to learn.