The Shaman 

One of my teachers was a Shaman of the Native American tradition.  He told me a wonderful story that I feel is  pertinent today.  I will call the Shaman by the name of M.  He told me about being chopper pilot in the Vietnam War without the concern of his helicopter being shot down. M went on to share about having a two week leave in Australia where he met a woman who turned out to be a close friend.  She wanted M to meet her father who worked in something akin to a speakeasy.  He stated it was like the thirties where someone would need a password to enter.  M and the father also became good friends in that short period of time.  M had to leave after two weeks and return to his base in Vietnam.  Before he left, the father, of his female friend, took out of his pocket a map of where the last dragons tooth was located which was somewhere in the Bering Sea.

After he finished his tour in Vietnam, M became an oceanographer on an American ship. He went on to tell about being transferred to a Japanese Trawler  that was also sweeping the ocean floor.  M stated about having a roommate who did not speak English and all they had in common was the Rolling Stones.  He went on to communicate an event about his roommate coming into the cabin carrying an object and laying it on a table.  When  he got closer to the object it turned out to be a dragons tooth.  He took out the map he had carried since Vietnam and, sure enough, it was in the same area that his girlfriends father gave him.

As soon as he knew it was actually a dragons tooth, his mind would start immense chattering about taking the tooth to a museum where he would become famous.  Another voice said he should return it back to the sea where it came from.  After much deliberation, he dropped the tooth back into the sea.  After four days, his roommate again was carrying an object to the cabin and laid it on a table.  M went to look at it, and sure enough it was the same dragons tooth. I thought how could that be since the ship was moving and nothing would stay stable under the water. I never really asked him. 

M stated his mind was playing havoc with him, the thoughts were more intense with the same messages.  Take it to the museum become famous , the world needs to know this, and of course  make a lot of money.  The other voice would state, once again, drop the tooth back in the sea.  He stated it was the devil and an angel talking to him.  M decided after those intense thoughts to put it back in the ocean once more.  As soon as he did  it, a voice said “you passed.”

How does that story hold true for our generation and generations to come?  There will be many decisions that could affect ones life and the planet.   Those individuals who are attached to many misdeeds, perhaps that person would not try to do the devils calling.  There is also karma to pay (what you sow so shall you reap)  in their next life which would have suffering.  This story has always stayed with me since there are both good and bad consequences based upon the decisions I make.  Be true to yourself and the love that you truly are.