Yikes! What’s Happening With COVID-19?


If you are like me, every time I hear the news, Facebook, and other media outlets someone has  something  to say about COVID-19, where it started, China as a culprit, Bill Gates, Trump, and it goes on and on.  What are you suppose to do with all this, ugh, wonderful information?

Well, its hard to love everything and everyone everyday unless, you have traversed the Earth plane.  If you are a Guru, Saint, mystic, you can be detached from all that is happening.  Yes, detached.   That does not mean you should not care what’s happening but let go.  If you feel you must do something to heal our planet then by all means do so but do not get hung up on results.

I remember a time in 1974 I had started a job as a Head Counselor  for eighteen boys, twelve to eighteen years of age who had various degrees of mental illness.  I was asked to do the hiring without any experience and to counsel the mentally ill.  Anyway, in the beginning the other counselors and myself  got along quite well but within a year everyone got burnt out, including myself. There was no training in those early years on how  be a mental health practitioner.   Luckily I had previously purchased a ticket to fly to India, to visit Meher Baba’s ashram in India.

Once I arrived at my intended destination, I remember talking to a couple of Australians who mentioned their toilets getting clogged because of a typhoon.  Soon after I heard two Americans stating that all I knew was…yuk.  I was devastated and had to find out why I felt so out of sought.  I went to Meher Baba’s tomb and asked the reason all this was happening.  He  soon stated  “you must be detached from  “praise and blame.”  I eventually learned I needed to also be detached from all the goings on in the world.

So if you are attached to some of the world events or all of them, simply ask yourself the reason.  If you are not sure check your feelings, do you become worried, anxious, angry?  If you have loved ones it is understandable to become worried about their well being.  However, if you begin to understand the spiritual component to all this upheaval, it could dampen those feelings.  Every soul chose to be here and play their part for whatever their lesson or karma is.

I have been going through an energy shift since my last email of April 19th.   I am not quite sure exactly why this is happening but I do feel, perhaps, to change my vibration.  I had mentioned, COVID-19, is “quiet before the storm,”  meaning there will be more changes abound. as told to me by Meher Baba.  That being said, I have let go of life’s drama knowing its all God’s/Source’s doing in order for the planet and humanity to heal.

If you wholeheartedly seek “truth” and spirit you will have an excellent chance of being safe as we go through this upheaval.  So, go after that which is truth and leave the false, what do you have to lose?